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Corporate IT Assets Recycling

Corporate Mobile Recycling

Protecting your data and the Environment​.

  • Residual Values quoted up front for End of Life IT equipment

  • Full audit trail provided

  • Our IT Asset Disposal service can be fully integrated with roll-out programs and other service partners to suit your needs

  • Our IT disposal services are in line with relevant Portuguese and EU legislation

  • Fully flexible collection times

  • Portuguese collections available

  • Zero landfill policy, adhering to environmental best practice. Where IT equipment or components can’t be refurbished for the second-user market, they are recycled

  • Data destruction provided with proof of erasure data with evidences

Corporate Mobile Recycling

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  • We make sure all devices are data wiped and refurbished before remarketing.

  • Where we can´t sell the devices to the next user, we recycle them

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