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Protect your corporate data with Data Wiping. 

Protect your customer's critical information.

Protect your Corporate compliance.

Protect your Corporate reputation with zero landfill.

Save money and facilities space.

Recycling Services

GREENPCTECH is an end-of-life solution provider for expired Information Technology assets and e-waste. We provide the total exit solution for your IT assets, from full logistics through our own transport fleet, to data clearing and cleaning, refurbishment, storage, and disposal. Our disposals are expertly handled through our sales department and associated recycling relationships.

Certified Data Wipe

Pickup & Initial Inventory

After our initial quotation and customer acceptance of it, we collect the goods to our warehouse in euro-pallets.


Is necessary we keep the hard disks in a safe deposit.


After all the parts agree we ship them to our processing factory to start the recycling process.

Data Wiping


We guarantee that all data is wiped to the highest of standards and in accordance with the European Laws. If for any reason the hard drives cannot be accessed, the disk will be removed and physically destroyed.


All the pieces of equipment are wiped according to European Law and Data Wiping Standards.

Cleanup & Final Inventory


After your equipment arrives in our factory, it will be ready for this stage. All the customer's sticker will be removed, barcodes and customer signs or labels.


All the electronic components are through tested and the cleaned as well. Only the equipment’s related in the safe deposit keep as the original stage.

Reconditioning and Recycling for Hardware & Software Updates


Depending on its feature, finally, the equipment will be refurbished, recycled or destroyed.


 You’re given a precise Quotation based on what identical items are achieving in the market right now, providing a high level of financial certainty. 



All procedures are documented (ask to see them), Deliver of all the Models according to European laws (Model A) - Accredited and carried out at cost (ask to see our calculations).

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