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Secure Data Destruction Services

We understand the importance of secure data destruction, and we offer comprehensive services to ensure that all sensitive data is destroyed and irrecoverable. Our data erasure process utilizes data erasure software, a highly secure destruction process that can be completed at your location or our facility.
We also provide hard drive shredding services, hard drive destruction services, and everything for hard drive disposal services. Our team is equipped to handle all aspects of the data destruction process and provides a certificate of data destruction for all HDDs or configured equipment before finalizing asset disposition.
Choose GREENPCTECH for secure and compliant data destruction services that protect sensitive information and contribute to a greener future.

Data Erasure

GREENPCTECH uses data erasure software for secure data destruction. This method of software-based overwriting completely and securely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive, going beyond basic file deletion commands that only remove direct pointers to files. Permanent data erasure removes all information while leaving the hard disk drive operable, preserving assets and the environment. 


The Data Erasure/Data Destruction Process

  • Fetch hard disk parameters 

  • Test hard drive for errors 

  • Write hard disk sectors with specified patterns starting with sector number 0, counting write errors as they come up as bad sectors

  • Flush buffers – check if there’s any errors in this process.

  • If multiple overwriting passes are specified, the steps 3 and 4 are repeated.

  • You will notice that the number of bad sectors are multiplied by the amount of overwriting passes


What if the software fails?

If the device fails during data wiping or shows errors, it will be completely destroyed onsite in our secure shredding facility. We can shred to 9mm pieces and also provide a certificate of destruction to remove your liability.



Secure hard drive destruction is achieved by:

  • Physical Data Destruction Services

In this method, HDDs and SSDs are crushed and shredded by industrial-grade destruction equipment.

  • Hard drive Degaussing services

Strong magnetic force is used to wipe out all data from the HDD in the Hard drive degaussing method. It does not work for SSDs as SSDs store data electronically, not magnetically.

What Is The Difference Between Hard Drive Destruction And Degaussing?

Hard drive destruction is critical to ensure the complete destruction of data stored on a drive. At GREENPCTECH, we offer physical destruction methods (such as crushing or shredding) and degaussing (exposing the hard drive to high-powered magnets to disrupt the magnetic field that stores the data) to suit the specific needs of our customers.
However, degaussing is becoming a redundant method of destruction due to improvements in other physical destruction methods that are more effective and efficient. Regardless of the chosen method, we ensure that hard drive destruction is done securely, with the necessary certifications and documentation for compliance purposes.
Overall, hard drive destruction is crucial in protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access. GREENPCTECH provides reliable and secure solutions to ensure data is destroyed beyond recovery.

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