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Our company focuses on offering secure and affordable IT asset disposal. This includes secure data destruction, removal and logistics, remarketing, e-waste recycling, and data center decommissioning with an eco-friendly approach.

Computer equipment disposal 

We understand the challenges and complexities of computer equipment disposal and are committed to helping organizations navigate this process in an environmentally responsible and secure manner. We have developed a comprehensive service focusing on sustainability, ethical business practices, and superior responses to pressing issues in the IT disposal industry.
Our comprehensive "one-stop" solution has gained the confidence of some of the region's biggest value-added resellers, and PSI-20 listed businesses.


Secure Data Destruction Service

We provide secure data destruction services to ensure your sensitive information is completely erased and rendered unrecoverable. Utilizing industry-leading data erasure software, we guarantee the highest level of data security during the disposal process.

With GREENPCTECH's secure data destruction services, you can be confident that your organization's sensitive information is protected while contributing to responsible and sustainable IT asset disposal practices.


E-waste Recycling Service

E-waste recycling is crucial for minimizing electronic waste's negative impact on human health and the environment. As computers and gadgets become increasingly ubiquitous, Portugal must focus on improving e-waste recycling services.


Data Center Decommissioning Service

Data centers often have finite lifespans and require regular updates or modifications. Consequently, the complex task of periodically decommissioning and securely disposing equipment within a data center environment falls upon IT administrators and systems engineers. In addition, to ensure optimal data security, data center and server decommissioning services necessitate expert technical knowledge and meticulous planning.


IT Assets Recovery, Remarketing, and Spare Parts Supply Service

At GREENPCTECH, we help businesses tackle the challenge of disposing of accumulated electronic waste in a responsible and eco-friendly manner in Portugal. We reveal the hidden worth of outdated technology through IT remarketing, also known as IT asset remarketing, offering competitive pricing while ensuring data security and efficient processes. Our IT asset recovery services simplify the complexities of recycling, reducing, and reusing. By encouraging the resale of decommissioned IT equipment, we help uncover untapped value in your unused electronics. When you're ready to explore this potential, our in-house experts can provide market value assessments for your assets. Join us in our mission to make a sustainable difference through responsible electronic recycling and recovery.

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