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About Us

Finding Inspiration

Since its formation in 2011, GREENPCTECH has become a significant distributor of reconditioned equipment in Portugal and Spain. From our base in Lisbon, we operate and sell to over 2000 customers across several countries.

We have been building a path based on ethics and integrity, which has allowed us to become a respected member of the European Computer Brokers market, in the reconditioning of computer products, their remarketing and distribution, through our channels and several platforms. Serving the domestic, European and other export markets, we provide access to many new and reconditioned computers and laptops from various brands, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Asus, Cisco, IBM and other major hardware manufacturers.

As promoters of environmental sustainability and the circular economy, our processes aim to reduce environmental waste, allow the reuse of world-renowned products, and provide customers with a low-cost IT solution without compromising quality.

Our Story


This project originated over a decade ago during an informal coffee break at C. de Castellón de la Plana, 8, following classes at IE in Madrid. My colleague Nacho, a former Blackberry employee in Spain, and I were discussing potential business ventures. We concurred that identifying and resolving issues for individuals or businesses would be essential for success, and establishing a robust sales channel would guarantee the project's sustainability.

Upon engaging in a subsequent, enlightening trip to Belgium, I witnessed large French banks reconditioning their IT equipment for sale in small stores at regulated prices, complete with warranties and Microsoft licenses. This process also entailed data wiping, and we recognized the potential to adapt this model for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Inspired by this discovery, we conducted a stakeholder analysis and, armed with limited capital, growing expertise, and considerable enthusiasm, embarked upon our entrepreneurial endeavours.

In due course, Nacho began reselling EOL Blackberry phones on Amazon while I pursued a similar path, joining the broker market for reconditioned equipment. Throughout our respective ventures, I remained committed to allocating a significant proportion of my time and savings towards fostering sustainability and cultivating a better world.

It has been a lengthy journey, filled with countless hours of hard work and moments of enjoyment. Each time we witness a fully-loaded truck arrive and observe the orders flowing, we will remember our efforts' significance. Our work became particularly relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic as we refurbished many devices. Consequently, we enabled numerous individuals to study and work from home, providing them access to affordable technology during a critical historical period.

Luis Barreiros

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