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EuroBic and GREENPCTECH Collaborate to Implement IT Assets Recovery and Cleaning

Over the past year, EuroBic, a leading Portuguese bank, has joined forces with GREENPCTECH, an expert in IT asset management and secure data destruction, to carry out a comprehensive IT Assets Recovery, Cleaning, and Spare Parts Supply Service. This collaboration has facilitated the replacement of old computers and the creation of hardware bundles for EuroBic employees sustainably and cost-effectively.

The partnership between EuroBic and GREENPCTECH demonstrates the bank's commitment to responsible IT asset management and environmental sustainability. By employing GREENPCTECH's services, EuroBic has ensured that its IT assets are handled professionally and securely, mitigating potential risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access.

GREENPCTECH provided a range of services as part of this collaboration. For example, the IT Assets Recovery service enabled EuroBic to recapture value from their old computers and equipment by refurbishing, reusing, or recycling the components in an environmentally responsible manner. This approach reduced waste and allowed the bank to recover costs associated with the disposal of outdated IT assets.

The Cleaning service offered by GREENPCTECH involved removing all bank tags and marks from the used hardware, ensuring that the equipment was free from any identifiers that could link it to EuroBic. This process was crucial in maintaining the bank's privacy and security while preparing the hardware for potential reuse or recycling.

This collaboration between EuroBic and GREENPCTECH has resulted in numerous benefits for both parties. EuroBic has optimized its IT asset management, reducing electronic waste, and recovered costs while maintaining a solid commitment to environmental sustainability. For GREENPCTECH, the partnership has showcased its expertise in IT asset recovery, cleaning, and spare parts supply services, further establishing the company as a leader in the industry.

In conclusion, EuroBic's partnership with GREENPCTECH demonstrates the potential of collaborations between banks and IT asset management companies. By adopting a sustainable approach to IT assets recovery, cleaning, and spare parts supply services, EuroBic has positively impacted both the environment and its bottom line. Furthermore, this collaboration is an example for other financial institutions looking to optimize their IT asset management while embracing environmental responsibility.

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