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Successfully Implemented IT Equipment Disposal for Over 900 Decommissioned Servers.

Portuguese Largest Commercial Bank Successfully Implemented IT Equipment Disposal for Over 900 Decommissioned Servers in Q1 2022.

An extensive IT equipment disposal project involved decommissioning and responsible disposal of more than 900 servers during the first quarter of 2022. This milestone demonstrates the ongoing growth and mutual benefits of the long-standing collaboration between GREENPCTECH, a leader in sustainable and affordable technology solutions, and Bravantic, a top system integrator and solutions provider.

This collaboration has ensured that the decommissioning process adheres to the highest industry standards and best practices, focusing on environmental sustainability, data security, and regulatory compliance.

The successful disposal of the servers highlights the strength of the partnership and the shared commitment to providing an end-to-end solution that offers the last mile in sustainability.

Carlos Mariano, Team Leader from Bravantic, played an instrumental role in leading this sustainability initiative. Both companies extend their special thanks for his exceptional leadership and dedication to the project.

Key highlights from the project include:

  • The safe and efficient decommissioning of over 900 servers

  • Compliance with all relevant environmental, data security, and industry regulations

  • Recovery of valuable materials, such as metals and components, through a responsible recycling process

The ongoing collaboration between GREENPCTECH and Bravantic yields impressive results, setting new benchmarks for responsible IT equipment disposal in the banking industry. Both organizations are dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly practices and responsible asset management, focusing on mitigating the environmental impact of technology and ensuring data security.

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