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Data Center Decommissioning in Collaboration with Corte Ingles Informatica in 2021

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas,I.P - IFAP Successfully Implemented IT Equipment Disposal and Data Center Decommissioning in Collaboration with Corte Ingles Informatica in 2021


The Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas,I.P - IFAP is a Portuguese organization supporting agriculture and fishing. In 2021, IFAP undertook a significant project to modernize its IT infrastructure, partnering with Corte Ingles Informatica, a prominent technology service provider. The collaboration aimed to dispose of outdated IT equipment and decommission data centers in an environmentally responsible and secure manner.

The Need for IT Equipment Disposal and Data Center Decommissioning

As IFAP sought to upgrade its IT systems, it faced the challenge of properly disposing of its obsolete equipment and decommissioning data centers.

In addition, the organization needed to ensure that its actions complied with environmental regulations and maintained the security of sensitive data. Corte Ingles Informatica, with its extensive experience in IT services, was the ideal partner to help IFAP achieve these goals.

Corte Ingles Informatica's Comprehensive Solutions

Corte Ingles Informatica provided a range of tailored solutions to address IFAP's needs, including:

  1. IT Equipment Disposal: Corte Ingles Informatica's experts helped IFAP dispose of outdated IT equipment eco-friendly, recycling electronic waste and remarketing decommissioned assets to maximize their value.

  2. Data Center Decommissioning: Corte Ingles Informatica managed the entire decommissioning process for IFAP, from planning and execution to final reporting. This ensured that the dismantling, recycling, and disposal of equipment adhered to best practices for environmental responsibility.

  3. Secure Data Destruction: Recognizing the importance of data security, Corte Ingles Informatica employed advanced data destruction techniques to erase and render sensitive information irretrievable permanently—this guaranteed compliance with data protection regulations and minimized data breach risks.

The Impact on IFAP

Collaboration with Corte Ingles Informatica resulted in several significant benefits:

  • Compliance with environmental regulations and data protection laws

  • Environmentally responsible disposal of IT equipment, minimizing e-waste

  • Maximization of the value of decommissioned IT assets

  • Efficient and cost-effective data center decommissioning

  • Enhanced data security and reduced risk of data breaches


The successful partnership between IFAP and Corte Ingles Informatica highlights the importance of expert assistance in managing IT equipment disposal and data center decommissioning. By working together, IFAP was able to upgrade its IT infrastructure while ensuring environmental sustainability, regulatory compliance, and data security. Furthermore, this collaboration is an exemplary case for other organizations looking to modernize their IT systems responsibly and securely.

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